A ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant thought Magic Johnson played in the NHL

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A ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant thought Magic Johnson played in the NHL
A ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant thought Magic Johnson played in the NHL

The clue, for all you Jeopardy fans playing at home, was:

"100+ assists in an NHL season has been accomplished only 13 times, 11 times by this player."

While a significant portion of the population would consider this an absolute layup (excuse the basketball reference for a hockey clue for the moment), the contestant who was able to respond first did not in fact know the athlete in question was "Wayne Gretzky." In fact he didn't even seem to know that the NHL meant hockey, as he uttered the words "Magic Johnson?"

A stunned Alex Trebek could only remark "Oh no." And for those who haven't yet watched this blunder, we can assure you this is real. Trebek was not being played by Will Ferrell.

Not-so Swaggy three

The Lakers certainly had a lot to celebrate when they put up 51 points against the New York Knicks Tuesday night — in the third quarter alone — but Nick Young's celebration of a buzzer-beating 3-pointer that didn't actually go in may be one of the funniest things you'll see on TNT all week. Then again, TNT "knows drama" and "Swaggy P" is known for his antics.

Seeing is believing

The San Antonio Spurs Coyote took a loose ball off the noggin Wednesday and it sent him stumbling into the crowd. When he popped up, his bugged-out eyes had moved from their standard horizontal arrangement into an I-formation. He continued to stagger around for added entertainment, only to realize his eyes were gone all together.

Does a fastball really hurt?

A Korean journalist sought out the answer to that question for a report on KBS by willingly standing in front of a pitching machine and taking a fastball off his posterior. While he did have his jacket tied around his waist to absorb some of the impact, it did not look fun.

Man down

While a Tyler Ladendorf ground-rule double may have only cost the Chicago Cubs a run in spring training against the A's on Sunday, it certainly cost Cubs outfielder Darnell McDonald his pride. His epic stumble on a routine pop fly is going to leave a mark.

Feel that breeze?

Middlesbrough goalkeeper Dimitrios Konstantopoulos didn't have his best outing against the Queens Park Rangers at Riverside Stadium last weekend. While trying to redirect a ball that had been touched back to him, he wiffed in stunning fashion to set up one of the more bizarre goals you are likely to see.

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