Jay Gruden’s priceless reaction to RG3 question

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Jay Gruden’s priceless reaction to RG3 question
Jay Gruden’s priceless reaction to RG3 question

New Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden is just under four years younger than his Super Bowl-winning brother Jon. But when it comes to facial expressions, the freshly-minted man in charge of owner Daniel Snyder's franchise on the field may be the equal of "Chucky" after all. During an interview with ESPN anchor Lindsay Czarniak on the evening edition of Sportscenter Thursday following his introductory press conference, Gruden was asked not once, not twice but three times about quarterback Robert Griffin III. Mind you, he made it known off the bat he hadn't spoken with RG3 yet. Here's a transcription of the exchange:

“Jay, how much communication have you had with RG3?” asked Czarniak.

“None yet. I’ve been talking with you guys for the last 3-4 hours,” Gruden politely answered.

“When do you expect to first be able to sit down with him?” she followed up.

“I don’t know. I don’t know, I just got here,” he replied. “I have to find a great staff, and that’s my first order of business.”

Clearly, Czarniak wasn't satisfied. As she went there one more time, Gruden’s eyes popped out of his head in annoyance.

“When you do have the opportunity to sit down with the franchise quarterback, RG3, what are you going to convey as your expectations for him as a leader for this team?”

Oh, this should be fun.

The eyes have it

Gruden's peepers weren't the only set on display this week. Check out Los Angeles Kings backup goalie Ben Scrivens videobomb an in-game interview with Jarret Stoll and burn a hole right through the camera.

One-man blooper

Finally, what a week for New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith. First, he untied Shawn Marion's shoe. Then, he tried to unlace Greg Monroe's. Next, he was fined $50,000 by the league for his actions. Finally on Thursday, Smith was benched during a game against the Miami Heat. Yes — Smith was a one-man blooper this week.

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