Jason Hammel and John Baker can't find Mark Ellis' pop-up

Angela Sun
Yahoo Sports Minute

The Chicago Cubs are also known affectionately as the "Lovable Losers." After all, the franchise famously hasn't won a World Series since 1908 (or even appeared in one since 1945). So when pitcher Jason Hammel and catcher John Baker teamed up to collectively lose Mark Ellis' pop-up during Thursday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals, the fact that the ball ended up being foul was of little consequence.

The sheer visual of the battery being unable to find the ball was so … so … Cubs, it didn't matter if the pair not tracking it down had no impact on the game.

Astronomy by Wonderdog

And if you thought that was bad, how about Kansas City Royals TV analyst Rex Hudler calling the moon a planet? Yes. That happened.

In the swing of things

Meanwhile, Charles Barkley still can't swing a golf club. Want proof? Check out the TNT analyst in action during a pro-am event in Alabama this week.

Caught red-handed (and legged)

Finally, the surveillance camera video of Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston stealing crab legs has hit the internet. And it's about as ridiculous as you might expect.

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