J.R. Smith unties Shawn Marion's shoe

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New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith is a magnet for attention — most of it unwanted. When he's not getting into Twitter beefs with Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings, he's driving around the Big Apple in a $450,000 armored truck. And we haven't even mentioned his play on the court, which has been uneven to say the least. Sunday night, Smith added a new chapter in his strange NBA existence. With the Knicks up 48-33 on the Dallas Mavericks in the second quarter of a game they would eventually win 92-80, the 2013 Sixth Man of the Year entered the game and found himself on the blocks next to Shawn Marion during a free throw attempt by Dirk Nowitzki. Smith then pulled off one of the more childish maneuvers seen this side of Jason Kidd: he untied Marion's shoe! Marion appeared to see Smith perpetrate the stunt but couldn't react immediately as the pair were jockeying for rebound position on Nowitzki's free throw (which he made). Moments later, Marion could be seen tying his shoe following an Andrea Bargnani jumper. It appeared no words were exchanged but longtime NBA writer Howard Beck speculated on Twitter Smith may face some financial consequences for the act:

Lefty in the 'Nati

Moving to the NFL playoffs, the San Diego Chargers upset the Cincinnati Bengals 27-10 in a wild-card playoff game Sunday. And waiting outside the San Diego locker room was none other than Chargers fan Phil Mickelson:

Texas Strong

And finally in college football, Charlie Strong was officially named the new head coach at the University of Texas. Strong went 37-15 in four years on the Louisville sidelines.

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