Iona soccer goal comes after lucky bounce

Iona soccer goal comes after lucky bounce

There were 181 people in attendance for Wednesday's college soccer game between the Iona Gaels and the Fairfield Stags. Those who stayed through the 72nd minute at Mazzella Field witnessed firsthand one of the most improbable goals you will see on the pitch. The rest of us, thankfully, have YouTube.

Down 1-0 on his Gaels' home turf, freshman midfielder Jordan Scarlett took a shot from about 35 yards out and couldn't believe it when the ball hit the crossbar. Neither could anyone in attendance, as a collective "Ooooooh" rang out at the apparent near miss. But then the crowd noticed, as did Fairfield goaltender Matt Turner, that the ball had deflected straight up, not yet out of play. In what must have seemed like an eternity for the sophomore keeper, the ball hung in the air for a good three seconds before dropping toward his outstretched arms. Just as it seemed Turner would catch what amounted to a routine pop-up, the ball deflected off his hands and into the net in what has quickly turned into YouTube lore. Iona would go on to win the match 2-1.

Another social media pillar brought us an equally unexpected moment, via Callaway Golf's Instagram page and Phil Mickelson. The video shows Lefty enjoying some downtime on a promotional shoot and doing all sorts of things right-handed. In truth, golf is the only thing Mickelson does left-handed. But we don't think anyone was expecting him to throw that tight of a spiral.

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer throws a pretty tight spiral himself. Unfortunately he had to play against one of the best defenses in the NFL Thursday night when the Seattle Seahawks came to town. The 'Hawks defense intercepted Palmer twice and registered seven sacks. Russell Wilson threw three touchdown passes in Seattle's 34-22 road win.

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