Hockey player’s unsavory act

Blair Johnson
Yahoo! Sports Minute Blog

Back in 2007, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez yelled "Ha!" as a base runner during a game in Toronto. Thinking Blue Jays shortstop John McDonald was calling him off, the move distracted third baseman Howie Clark. Clark let the ball drop and A-Rod scored on the gaffe. Jays manager John Gibbons called the move "bush league" at the time.

Fast forward to a different sport and a different time. What should we make of Buffalo Sabres forward Steve Ott's unsavory act in 2013?

During a 3rd period faceoff in the midst of a 4-0 game (the Sabres went on to lose 5-1), Ott found himself going head-to-head with Montreal Canadiens center Jeff Halpern. What did Ott do? He licked Halpern's visor. That's right. He licked Halpern's visor! No word on what precipitated the move. Ott does have a reputation for being a pest and an agitator. But the unconventional strategy seems a little excessive - even for him.

The gross move reminds us of the bit Delonte West pulled on Gordon Hayward toward the tail end of the 2011-12 NBA regular season. The mercurial West gave Hayward a Wet Willie - that's sticking a lubricated finger (usually from one's mouth) into the ear of someone else. Just. Not. Right.

Speaking of hoops, just call the Bulls Streakbusters. Chicago beat the Knicks 118-111 in overtime to snap New York’s 13-game win streak. The victory comes two weeks after the Bulls stopped the Heat’s 27-game win streak.

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