Hockey goalie has hard time keeping his balance

Angela Sun
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Hockey goalie has hard time keeping his balance

The headline on Deadspin said it all. 'Possibly Drunk Amateur Hockey Goalie Is Struggling So Hard.' Now, we don't know for sure if the netminder in question from an amateur tilt in the Czech Republic was inebriated. But the guy certainly looks like he's lacking all of his faculties in a pair of videos posted this week on Reddit.

And if the guy's questionable balance wasn't funny enough — how about the reactions by the people watching the video?

The hearty laughter heard in the background of each clip is almost as funny as the goalie himself. Almost.

Too Big Easy

Meanwhile, all Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones wanted to do was take in a Sacramento Kings-New Orleans Pelicans game in his hometown this week. But the Dancing With the Stars alum gave an interview during the game was interesting to say the least.

We salute you

Finally, if Sjinkie Knegt's double-bird in the direction of Viktor Ahn during the ISU European short track speed skating championships in Dresden doesn't say it all, we're at a loss for what exactly would. The Dutch competitor was narrowly beat out by the Russian — and he wasn't too happy about it.

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