Have these goats invented a captivating new sport?

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Have these goats invented a captivating new sport?
Have these goats invented a captivating new sport?

On days when the NBA and NHL are idle and fog delays some Olympic events, there can sometimes be a shortage of captivating moments of kinesthetic achievement to appreciate. Fortunately, a video surfaced on YouTube of a few goats balancing on an undulating piece of sheet metal that you could probably watch on loop until the Olympics return in primetime. If this setup sounds positively strange, it's because it is. The truth is, like any great viral movement, it sort of transcends description. But as you're watching these three goats enjoying their version of king-of-the-hill as they "surf" a wave of metal while a fourth goat who's tied up "coaches" them on, you can't help but marvel at the extraordinary balance this must require. And, as if they somehow knew they were in competition with the Winter Games, the three goats pull off a shared podium moment at the end.

Random Acts of KindneSS

Entering just his second full big league season, Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop Didi Gregorius may be in for a fierce competition for the starting position with the emergence of Chris Owings. But that hasn't stopped the Dutch SS from offering a few lucky fans an awfully kind service:

300 for Roy

Roy Williams earned his 300th career win as head coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels on Monday with a conference victory over Florida State. The Tar Heels rallied back from a 15-point halftime deficit in Tallahassee to close the Seminoles out, winning 81-75.

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