Glen Big Baby Davis’ funny postgame interview

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Glen Big Baby Davis’ funny postgame interview
Glen Big Baby Davis’ funny postgame interview

Orlando Magic power forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis is generally a happy-go-lucky kind of guy (except when there's no vacancy at the inn). The former Celtic claims he's the lightest he's been since eighth grade — so, following a 92-83 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats Wednesday night that snapped a Magic six-game losing streak, you figured he might be in a good mood. Fox Sports Florida reporter Dante Marchitelli found that out first-hand during his postgame interview with Davis.

Following a 17-point, 12-rebound effort, Davis draped his right arm on Marchitelli's shoulder as if the two were lifelong friends. That's when Marchitelli figured this interview would be a little different. "We've got a happy, sweaty Glen 'Big Baby' Davis," the reporter said while introducing the 2008 NBA champion. "First of all, how good does it feel to get a win? How were you able to do it?" With his eyes closed in exaggerated relief, Davis let out a pained "Oh my gosh" before answering, "You have no idea. It's been a long road trip. But you know what? We stuck together in spite of what happened and you know what? We're coming home with a win. So it's good vibes, good feeling and you know what? On to the next game. Let's get some wins at home." The interview went on for another minute or so — all with Davis invading Marchitelli's personal space. As it was winding down, Marchitelli revealed the obvious to Davis. "This is the closest postgame interview I've ever done. I'm happy about this," said the reporter. Davis, confirming the joy, replied, "I want to get close and personal with you because you're a great guy." Marchitelli tweeted about the exchange after the game:

Don't change, Big Baby. Don't change.

Shot of the year?

Meanwhile in high school hoops, William Byrd High (Va.) star Marvey'o Otey delivered what has to be the shot of the year. While chasing an outlet pass downcourt, Otey saved the ball from going out of bounds and flipped it — behind his back — toward the basket at full speed. The ball miraculously swished for a three-pointer — but Otey didn't see it as his momentum carried him outside the open door of the gym.

Shark vs. Tiger

Finally, in an interview with David DeNunzio for the January issue of Golf Magazine, Greg Norman said that he "probably" would have beat Tiger Woods. OK then.

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