Denard Span loses Luis Valbuena fly ball in fog at Wrigley Field

Angela Sun
Yahoo Sports Minute

Denard Span wasn't the first and he won't be the last. But when the Washington Nationals center fielder became the latest player to be fooled by the dense fog at Wrigley Field, he certainly provided a classic blooper moment.

With the Cubs up 3-1 in the sixth inning of a game they would eventually win 5-3, Chicago third baseman Luis Valbuena hit what would normally be a routine fly ball to center. We say normally routine because due to the soupy conditions along Lake Michigan, visibility was exceedingly poor at the historic ballpark. As a result, Span couldn't track it down and Valbuena ended up with one of the easiest triples of his career.

Oh … technology

Moving to the NBA draft, Joel Embiid appeared less than thrilled when he was selected at No. 3 by the Philadelphia 76ers. But an explanation was offered on Twitter.

Ah … thanks for clearing that up.

Show me the awkward

Finally, Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. had himself an interesting night at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas Wednesday. Check out the post by our friends over at Puck Daddy for a full recap.

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