Darrelle Revis and Troy Tulowitzki’s bizarre photo

Blair Johnson
Yahoo! Sports Minute Blog

You wouldn’t necessarily think of Darrelle Revis and Troy Tulowitzki being BFFs. But a bizarre photo the New York Jets cornerback tweeted out Wednesday of himself and the Colorado Rockies shortstop may put a different spin on things.

Revis appeared in an Egyptian get-up more befitting of King Tut than a 4-time Pro Bowler. And Tulo? He donned a red-and-white striped look made famous by Waldo. So what’s the deal? The pair share a connection as Nike-sponsored athletes. Revis is even donning his new signature logo from the company in the strange shot. Both are also rebounding from injuries that cost them significant playing time in 2012. But beyond that, who knows?! Someone needs to tell the dynamic duo that Halloween is nearly eight months away.

Meanwhile in the NBA, LeBron James got the go-ahead layup with 3.2 seconds left to put the Heat up 97-96 on the Magic. Orlando had a desperation heave at the end but it was no good as Miami won its 16th straight game. King James finished with a game-high 26 points.

And wondering what a couple free agent pitchers with Bay Area ties are up to? That’s former Giants closer Brian Wilson and one-time A’s starter Dallas Braden at Disneyland earlier this week.

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