The buzz surrounding Kate Upton’s ‘Zero Gravity’ is still in orbit

Angela Sun
The buzz surrounding Kate Upton’s ‘Zero Gravity’ is still in orbit

Unless you spent the better part of the week in actual orbit or transfixed by balancing goats, you probably caught wind of the groundbreaking photoshoot that Sports Illustrated pulled off with supermodel Kate Upton. If you haven't had a chance to see Kate floating weightlessly in the space-like environment, there are many reasons to check out the behind-the-scenes footage (besides just the obvious).

Here are ten:

1.) The science behind zero gravity is very interesting. To achieve the weightless experience, pilots in the modified Boeing 727 have to maneuver the plane along parabolic arcs. For this reason, they can only sustain the space-like conditions for 30 seconds at a time. For Upton's shoot, the plane reportedly had to make a series of 13 weightless parabolas and four parabolas imitating lunar gravity. This is why you occasionally see Kate and the crew falling abruptly to the floor.

2.) There are crashes. Swimsuit videos rarely include crashes. While the cabin was well padded, it is still pretty fun to watch Kate and crew being jostled around.

3.) Watching it is free. The ZERO-G Experience® starts at $4,950 plus tax.

4.) It's a pretty noteworthy production feat. The production, from conception to execution, was reportedly four years in the making. It may be worth noting that Warner Bros. acquired Alfonso Cuarón's film Gravity four years ago in February 2010.

5.) The water droplets in the video are mesmerizing. At one point, one member of the crew adds some water to the mix which looks as though it probably would in space.

6.) Everyone working on it seems to be having a lot of fun.

7.) There's something for everyone. Unless none of these things appeal to you: defying gravity, smiling, gold lamé, floating water droplets, assorted bikinis, multiple parabolas, teamwork, or fun.

8.) Tens of millions of people have viewed it this week. Tens of millions of people can't be wrong.

9.) People are still talking about it. And probably will for quite some time.

10.) Kate Upton. She's in it by the way.

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