A brief survey of romantic mishaps at sporting events

Angela Sun
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A brief survey of romantic mishaps at sporting events
A brief survey of romantic mishaps at sporting events

Every day at a sporting event can feel like Valentine's Day. Whether the Kiss Cam is making the rounds during a TV timeout or some brave fella is down on one knee in the loge for an impromptu marriage proposal, many of us don't think twice when we see romance being integrated into the entertainment on the Jumbotron. We do however, tend to notice when these moments go wrong. Whether it was President Obama's failed Kiss Cam moment during a Team USA game in July 2012 or the infamous UCLA basketball proposal rejection, these kinds of fails make headlines and their subjects become Internet memes.

But as technology evolves to make these cringe-worthy moments widely accessible to those who didn't witness them live, so do the couples in the stadium's spotlight. Couples have realized that a romantic rejection captured on camera travels faster and farther than a status quo smooch. And so, many of these 'fails' on the Jumbotron could actually be framed as 'successes,' depending on how you look at it. The aforementioned UCLA meltdown over two years ago is one such instance, as its debatable authenticity spawned so much Internet speculation that it paved the way for a film.

So whether you're plotting your own Kiss Cam act with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day or you just enjoy a good shot of dudes getting doused with beer in the bleachers, we invite you to share in a time-honored tradition of romantic gestures going wrong at sporting events with us.

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