Bob Costas updates audiences on his eye infection

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Bob Costas updates audiences on his eye infection
Bob Costas updates audiences on his eye infection

The Olympic 'event' that seems to consist of analyzing Bob Costas's unsightly eye infection is headed into uncharted territory. Though Costas got out ahead of the scrutiny by openly discussing the redness of his left eye when NBC's coverage began on February 6, his medical condition, much like the social media storm it incited, quickly spread. As seen on NBC's coverage Monday and Twitter feeds everywhere, both of Costas's eyes are now infected.

So how is Costas coping with it now? With a healthy serving of Russian vodka in hand during Olympic Late Night, Costas told co-host Mary Carillo, "I'm looking at it this way though, my eyes can't get any redder. No matter what I do." The two then promptly clinked glasses to toast his optical woes and gulped down the local spirits on live TV.

Moments after downing the shot, Costas waxed poetic about the periodic table of elements before considering the amusing possibility that "Tomorrow morning I'll be lying on a curb in Minsk." At the very least, the focus seems to be off his eyes for the moment.

The best curling team ... in college basketball

As the Sochi games continue, so too do the crazy obsessions with all things curling. But the enigmatic sport said to have originated in Scotland during the Middle Ages found some modern-day support from the Syracuse men's basketball team.

After practice on Monday, several members of the No. 1 basketball team in the country let off some steam at the Kleinhandler Family Center by trying their hand at 'curling' on the court with some makeshift equipment — a basketball and a broom. Graduate assistant Nick Resavy captured the curling chemistry of the Orange's Jerami Grant, C.J. Fair and B.J. Johnson and posted their efforts to Instagram. While their technique may be a far cry from the likes of Erika Brown their passion with the rock seemed quite impressive.

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