Best sports videobombs of 2013

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Best sports videobombs of 2013
Best sports videobombs of 2013

The videobomb has become almost as big a part of televised sporting events as the games themselves. We still watch to see our favorite teams in action but now, we stick around for the inane sideline or postgame interviews. Here's how it works: athlete/coach is interviewed during a break in the action or following the game — and another member of the organization makes an unscripted cameo in the background. Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh has become the undisputed king of the maneuver. There are various YouTube clips featuring his best work you can watch here and here.

But perhaps the most creative sports videobomb of 2013 occurred on May 24 at Target Field. That's where University of Minnesota baseball coach John Anderson was doing an in-game interview with the Big Ten Network when a couple of his players turned the dugout into a barber shop. Yes, outfielder/pitcher Bobby Juan looked as if he was getting a shave from infielder Chris Schaaf! The whole bit (not so) coincidentally ended when Anderson took off his headset and resumed managing the game.

Some of the other videobombs that caught our eye this year were former Toronto Raptors swingman Mickael Pietrus dancing behind team announcers Paul Jones and Sherman Hamilton, filmmaker Spike Lee getting over on former antagonist Reggie Miller and, of course, the Pro Football Hall of Fame move Canton Class of 2013 inductee Cris Carter pulled on fellow honoree Warren Sapp.

Here's hoping 2014 brings us plenty of fresh material!

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