Bernie Kosar rips Kellen Clemens

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Bernie Kosar rips Kellen Clemens
Bernie Kosar rips Kellen Clemens

Bernie Kosar won a national championship at the University of Miami, led the Cleveland Browns to consecutive AFC Championship Game appearances and eventually earned a Super Bowl ring with the Dallas Cowboys as Troy Aikman's backup. Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about the quarterback position. So when the Ohio native was in the booth as an analyst for the Browns exhibition game against the St. Louis Rams Thursday, he didn't hold back in assessing the play of Rams backup QB Kellen Clemens.

Play-by-play man Jim Donovan referenced Clemens' meeting with former Pope Benedict XVI in 2008:

"The most famous person that got an autograph from Kellen Clemens? Pope Benedict is the answer."

Kosar's response:

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I have to watch him the whole fourth quarter."

But the guy who has had his share of trials and tribulations in retirement wasn't done. Donovan went on to explain how the former papal leader had his mitre signed by Clemens. Kosar then continued slamming the eight-year pro out of Oregon:

"God, you're killing me. My Catholic guilt here. I'm talking. I can't stand watching him play. He does such a nice thing like that. That's great but he still can't play quarterback."

Clemens finished the preseason contest completing six of his 13 passes for 116 yards. He threw a touchdown and two interceptions. The Browns beat the Rams 27-19.

Moving to college football, 68-year-old South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier was spotted going shirtless at a recent Gamecocks practice.

And Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom later this year. It's the highest honor a civilian can receive.

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