Baseball fan ditches female companion

Blair Johnson
Yahoo! Sports Minute Blog

Remember Bo the Bailer? He was that Astros fan from a few years ago who got out of the way of a foul ball that ended up hitting his girlfriend in the stands. Well, Bo…you now have company.

The scene was Chase Field on Tuesday. Cardinals-Diamondbacks. And St. Louis shortstop Pete Kozma went deep in the top of the seventh. Unfortunately for one unlucky woman, his home run ball hit her on the fly. And what made it worse? Besides her male companion patting her on the head? He totally ditched her! It appeared the solo shot tagged the young lady on the right-hand side of her face.

Some takeaways here: 1) She’s a gamer. 2) She got to keep the ball. And 3) Guys…if you’re taking a woman to the ballpark, PLEASE protect them!

In the NBA, the Knicks won their ninth straight by beating the Heat 102-90. Carmelo Anthony matched his career high with 50 points as Miami lost at home for just the fourth time this season.

And in hockey, the Penguins had their 15-game win streak snapped by the Sabres. Buffalo beat Pittsburgh 4-1 as the Pens came up two victories short of equaling the NHL record for most consecutive wins.

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