These balancing goats made millions of people’s weeks

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These balancing goats made millions of people’s weeks
These balancing goats made millions of people’s weeks

For those of you who haven't seen the mesmerizing video of the goats in France balancing on a wave of steel, it is truly an experience to behold before your weekend is over. The video — "Chèvres en équilibre" — was posted by the goats' proud owner Max Murs on Monday, with a brief French description that translated roughly to "Sorry there's no sound!" Despite being ostensibly a silent film, the incredible balance that this family of goats demonstrated garnered over a million hits in its first 24 hours online. Goat fever was quick to spread, making the rounds on Yahoo, Reddit, SB Nation, Nat Geo WILD, Animal Planet and, not mention Twitter feeds everywhere.

As the comments across all these sites seem to illustrate, it's nearly impossible not to feel good after watching it. Which is probably why so many people are watching it over and over. Like any viral video, it's hard to put into words what makes it so special. But perhaps the fact that no words are spoken throughout the clip is what resonates most with viewers. The silence seems to perfectly underscore the calming yet captivating scene of the goats swaying back and forth as they play. In a day and age when it's difficult to decompress in front of the computer, these goats seem to do the trick.

The video now has over 6 million views and counting, which Murs clearly never saw coming. When the surprise hit crossed the 5 million view mark, Murs updated the description to give his obsessed viewers a little more context:

"Dimanche, vers l'heure du déjeuner, la petite famille découvert un nouveau jeu : Cette tôle ^^. J'ai filmé mes chèvres (dont le nom restera secret par respect pour leur vie privée :) ) se balançant. Dans la soirée, j'ai voulu l'envoyer à un ami puis tout s'est enchaîné très vite. Je ne pense pas qu'elles se rendent vraiment compte de ce qui leur arrive : elle continuent à ruminer comme si de rien n'était...
Qui s'amuse le plus ? je l'ignore."

This description, in his native French, roughly translates to:

Sunday, around lunch time, the little family discovered a new game. This sheet. I filmed my goats (whose names will remain secret out of respect for their privacy:) ) balancing. In the evening, I wanted to send it to one friend then everything followed very quickly. I don't think they [the goats] realize what's happening. They still ruminate over it as if nothing had happened...
Whose having the most fun? I don't know.

What we do know, is that these incredible goats aren't going anywhere soon. Just like Kate Upton.

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