Announcer cracks up after Switzerland blows 2-on-0 empty net breakaway attempt in hockey Worlds

Angela Sun
Yahoo Sports Minute

Plays like this aren't supposed to happen at the World Championship level. And announcers certainly should never react like this. But when Switzerland blew a two-on-zero empty net breakaway attempt in the third period of a game against Latvia in the hockey Worlds, a commentator from Czech Republic's CT Sport couldn't contain himself. Reto Suri and Thomas Rufenact appeared to be home free and on the verge of making the score 4-2. But when Suri's pass to Rufenact was a little too far, hilarity ensued in the booth. The broadcaster's laugh is priceless — and keep in mind he works for one of the tournament's rightsholders (so theoretically, a completely neutral perspective). But the moment was simply such a great blooper, the analyst couldn't contain himself.

'I'm innocent. Roll Tide.'

Those where the fateful words of diehard Alabama fan Heath McDonald, who was arrested as part of a drug sweep in the Heart of Dixie. Nice shorts.

Not worth it

Moving to baseball, it's clear fans will do anything for a foul ball these days. This group at Fenway Park was no different.

Three outs

Finally, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig can make spectacular plays. He can also make his share of boneheaded ones — like losing track of how many outs there are.

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