25,921 teddy bears tossed onto ice during hockey game

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25,921 teddy bears tossed onto ice during hockey game

You don't see this sort of thing every day. But pay close attention and you may witness a spectacle like this once a year around the holidays, regardless of how you feel about Santa.

The teddy bear toss has become a popular tradition for many minor and junior league hockey teams throughout North America, but the Calgary Hitmen and their fans have taken the phenomenon to another level. On Sunday night at the Scotiabank Saddledome, the 17,199 fans in attendance honored the occasion by launching 25,921 teddy bears onto the ice after Pavel Padakin scored Calgary's first goal of the night. It was truly a sight to behold as a veritable downpour of furry friends rained onto the rink for several minutes straight. The bears are gathered by the team to benefit kids in need in time for the holidays. Not only will the franchise donate thousands of teddies to local charities but Hitmen players typically deliver bears in person to ailing kids at the Alberta Children's Hospital the day following the game.

Tom Hanks calls for replay

After officials waved off a Justin Williams wrist shot that bounced in and out of the goal during the Los Angeles Kings game against the Calgary Flames, Captain Phillips found himself front and center of the ensuing protest at Staples Center. Tom Hanks, sitting right behind the Flames' net in the 3rd period, saw in real-time what the officials had not: the puck clearly crossed the plane before it bounced out. Cameras captured Hanks making a demonstrative appeal to officials, urging them to consult the video replay system on behalf of the boisterous home crowd. Upon further review, the goal would up counting for Williams, although the Flames would tally one more to beat the Kings 2-1.

BCS backs Buckeyes

Following a dramatic weekend of college football that saw No. 1 Alabama fall to No. 4 Auburn, the BCS Standings released Sunday generated an expected wave of controversy. Though it was no surprise that unbeaten Florida State would inherit the top spot in the standings, there was much debate over who should claim No. 2. While the computer polls gave 11-1 Auburn the edge over unbeaten Ohio State, the human polls -- the Coaches Poll and the Harris Interactive Poll -- ruled otherwise. The cumulative tally gave the Buckeyes a .027 lead over Auburn in the overall BCS Standings. For the moment, it's looking like a Florida State - Ohio State National Championship game.

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