Frigid weather and it’s effect on Peyton Manning

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Peyton Manning is an all-time QB enjoying the greatest single season in the history of his position, and many of you are thinking about benching him this week. At home. Because of cold.


Honestly, you guys are not worthy of Peyton Manning.

This myth about Manning falling apart in cold weather has more to do with win-loss record than with individual statistics, so it shouldn't be a fantasy concern. When Denver lost in the playoffs to Baltimore last year, 38-35 — with Manning throwing for 290 yards and three scores — was that about the frigid temperatures, or a blown coverage?

The conditions expected in Denver this Sunday involve snow and low temperatures, but not high winds — and high wind, for those who didn't know, is the weather event you should take seriously. Snow and cold are not the enemy. Peyton is not to be benched.

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