Manchester Food Markets You Don’t Want to Miss

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When you're in the mood for making an exotic meal or just want to shop for some handmade items and unique collectibles, make your way to one of the small neighborhood markets in Manchester throughout the week. A handful of communities around the city host their own versions of the traditional farmer's market, and some also hold second-hand markets where residents come together to sell off gently used clothing, home décor and other goods.

Shopping the markets in Manchester can be a great way to mingle with the locals and pick up a few one-of-a-kind finds. Here are some Manchester food markets you won't want to miss:

Longsight Market

This local market is open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays for most of the morning and late afternoon. The outdoor market sells a range of exotic produce, herbs and spices, and many of the stalls here are set up by immigrant residents. Treat yourself to some sweets or a refreshing drink at Sivori café between market rounds. Popular vendors include V Hayton for fresh seafood, Grimwood and Sons for fresh cuts of beef and lamb, and Ward Fruit and Veg for locally grown produce.

Real Food Market

This market is only held on the second and fourth weekends of each month and is a great place to find locally made baked goods, sweet treats, fresh produce and pre-made food items. Don't plan on eating lunch beforehand if you're heading here in the middle of the day — you can pick up plenty of freshly prepared items including deli sandwiches, fruit smoothies, baked goods and snacks from local vendors. Don't miss the cakes from Robinsons Bakery and the handmade tractor wheel pie from Orchard Pigs.

Harpurphey Market

This British version of the classic American farmer's market has grown into a community tradition. Locals head here to stock up on high-quality fruits and vegetables, freshly prepared meat and baked goods. You'll find a few stalls selling non-food items such as bedding, jewelry and flowers here as well. The market is housed in a glass building, so it runs rain or shine. A mixed market that sells both secondhand and new goods is held on Thursdays.

Gorton Market

This is the market to stock up on specialty food and European snacks, so be prepared to carry a big haul back to your hotel or bed and breakfast after a trip here. In addition to clothing and electronics stalls, this indoor market offers a huge range of hot and cold foods from around Europe, including British confectionery, Polish snacks, celebration cakes and cooked meats. Bring your appetite and sample away at the Muffin Stall and Coopers Family Delicatessen. This market is a haven for foodies, and you can even ask the butchers, bakers and other food experts for cooking and baking tips while you're there.

Content by Sabah Karimi

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