Sneak Peek of What's Next on 'Mistresses': A Relationship 'Blows Up' and Someone Gets 'All Kinds of Messed Up'

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Mistresses Recap: I'm Pregnant. [Pause]
Mistresses Recap: I'm Pregnant. [Pause]

Cheating! Role-playing! Sexual experimentation! Violating patient and therapist dynamic in the name of hormones and true love!

This week's "Mistresses" reached new heights on the naughty-o-meter. Two girls, one shower; need we say more?

Yahoo! TV got a sneak peak (and a major earful) at a morning screening with executive producers K.J. Steinberg and Rina Mimoun and Jes Macallan, who plays open-minded Joss. If you think "Mistresses" is scandalous for primetime network TV, trying watching it at 10 a.m. in a conference room with mini-muffins!

Here are the seven peak moments from the girl talk that went down after we screened the fifth episode:

What is the deal with Joss?

Mimoun says Joss's relationship with Alex (Shannyn Sossamon) is her favorite because of its complicated nature. "She's not gay. She's not a bisexual character who has had relationships with women, but she falls into a relationship with Alex," she explained. "She's never been in any relationship. Even her friendships — she gets left out because those are her sister's friends. Her best friend is Savi. The saddest thing is her best friend has been keeping the biggest thing in her life from her. Next episode, that blows up."

Did Savi really just tell her husband about her affair?!

Having an affair with a coworker is risky. But telling your husband about the affair is … an interesting thing to do. Steinberg laid it down: "She decided she needed to go home and clean her conscience, which is what a lot of people do in these situations, which I do agree is quite selfish, but people have affairs for selfish reasons. Part of what we're exploring is how one mistake begets another mistake. It's never only one night. It reaps another lie, another lie."

What happens this week? Spoil it, please. Every bit of it!

Steinberg calls this week's episode the "Rubicon for each of them. Clearly Savi's secret is now out, and we get to see it play out for the rest of the season. The terrible, terrible alliance of Karen and Elizabeth Gray begins, and April and Richard finally come together. So all the things switch." And Mimoun is especially excited for Joss: "It's what I love about the latter half of the season for Josslyn. She is fun and free spirited, and it starts to rear its ugly head as to why you can't just be that way, and she starts to confront why she can't commit, where that fear comes from, why she can't be in a relationship like a normal human being."

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Can Karen get any crazier?

We meet her when she's in mourning over her recently deceased boyfriend, who was not only married to someone else, but was also her patient. Nonetheless, Yunjin Kim, whom you might know from "Lost," wants more, more, more. "Karen is so messed up," said Mimoun. "For Yunjin, she was not messed up enough. She came to us at the beginning of the season and was, like, 'I don't understand.' She was, like, snapping at me, this has to get serious. I want to go crazy, I want to be messed up. She loves it. So Karen is all kinds of messed up."

Is it fun to pretend to sleep with so many random men?

You be the judge. This is what Macallan had to say — in between giggles — about her day job: "These guys are so adorable. This one poor kid was, like, it's ABC, he didn't know what he signed up for. He had to unhook my bra, my boobs are slapping him in his face. And I'm, like, cover me! He was, like, my mother's going to kill me. This was his first acting job in L.A. He [looked] like he's 12. He's just the cutest. The whole time he was just, like, my mama, my mama."

Are we going to get more "Sex and the City"-style brunches, or is this more of a sex show?

Mimoun says going forward we are going to delve into the dynamics of these friends. "By the time you got to the end of 'Sex and the City,' it was Big, Aidan, blah blah, but the Carrie and Miranda scene was, like, their greatest scene that ever happened," she observed. "Our goal is the more we deepen the relationships between these women, the more the show lives and breathes in that land." We like that goal. Bring on the mimosas.

Watch the full episode:

"Mistresses" airs Mondays at 10 PM on ABC.

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