Heather Locklear and Jane Seymour Kiss on 'Franklin & Bash'! Shockingly, Fans Don't Object

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Jane Seymour and Heather Locklear on the "Franklin & Bash" episode, "Good Lovin'."
Jane Seymour and Heather Locklear on the "Franklin & Bash" episode, "Good Lovin'."

A lot of the world would agree that there is no bad time for a girl-on-girl kiss, especially when the girls are permanently hot Heather Locklear and Jane Seymour. But we have to hand it to "Franklin & Bash" for stellar timing. After all, what better way to celebrate the long-awaited and long-overdue legalization of gay marriage than with a big ol' public make-out session?

The plot that led to the kiss has just the right amount of Skinemax fun. Seymour plays Bash's (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) mom, Colleen, who's just been arrested for prostitution. (Total misunderstanding. No, seriously.) And she meets Locklear, who plays Franklin and Bash's new hard-to-please boss, Rachel King.

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We'll let Seymour take it from here. She told the Wrap: "Then at one point in the office I see Rachel King, and I find out from a conversation over a glass of wine she hasn't had sex in six years, so I just decide to kiss her and see if there's any life in her."

You probably want to know if Locklear — who once puckered up with Denise Richards on "Spin City" — is a good kisser, but Kitty Kaaaaat from "Wedding Crashers" played it coy when the Wrap asked, saying only, "I think you have to wait and see!" That's so Dr. Quinn of her, right?

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In any case, Locklear told RedEye Chicago that she was totally onboard with the whole deal: "One of the executive producers was like, 'How do you feel about kissing a woman? And I'm like, 'I've done that before onscreen, not in real life.' Then she said, 'How do you feel about kissing Jane Seymour?' And I go, 'I haven't done it before. Be nice to try.'"Mark-Paul Gosselaar — whose "kind of kiss" is remembered fondly by "Saved by the Bell" guest star Leah Remini, loves to have Locklear around. "She's a sweetheart," he told RedEye Chicago. "She came on set always prepared, and she fit right in with the family, and has a great sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously. She was a perfect fit."

Meanwhile, Breckin Meyer, who plays Franklin, was stone-cold stoked about the kiss on Twitter:

Conan O'Brien was visibly upset and angered (ha!) when Locklear described the scene and described the approach as "softly, nicely ... aggressively." Conan and the audience also went nuts over this statement: "The executive producer was there. And really wanted to see it. A lot." See for yourself here:

Team Coco followed up with a tweet about the important news:

And all across America, "Bash" fans rejoiced over the smooch:

"Franklin & Bash" airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on TNT.

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