Exclusive Comic-Con Trailer: 'Banshee: Origins' Reveals Robbery Gone Wrong

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Exclusive Comic-Con Trailer: 'Banshee: Origins' Reveals Robbery Gone Wrong
Exclusive Comic-Con Trailer: 'Banshee: Origins' Reveals Robbery Gone Wrong

Fanboys and fangirls, rejoice! We have the exclusive San Diego Comic-Con teaser trailer for "Banshee: Origins." A joint effort between IDW Publishing and Cinemax, the beautifully rendered "motion comic" trailer features the four-color artistry from the book and the smoldering heat of the ongoing TV series. It also offers insights into the mind of bogus Sheriff Lucas Hood.

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The "Banshee: Origins" trailer opens 15 years ago in New York City, long before a certain handsome thief surfaced in Banshee, Pennsylvania. While sharing pillow talk with his lady love, Anastasia, the thief shows her a photo of their dream house. (Eat your heart out, Jessica Rabbit; Ana looks hot!)

To set up housekeeping, they simply have to rip off their boss, Mr. Rabbit. Their Ukrainian employer certainly is no silly rabbit, though! While the two lovers are breaking and entering, Mr. Rabbit turns them into the authorities, but the thief takes the fall for his love. The trailer even gives a tantalizing glimpse of his first meeting with the Albino, the thug hired by Rabbit to make his prison life even more of a living hell on Earth.

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The "Banshee" series is set in a town with secrets, but the trailer and "Origins" story line provide solid answers. The cast and crew of the Cinemax series also will be at San Diego Comic-Con with previews of Season 2, so get in line now. Seriously! Have you seen the lines outside the convention center?

The "Banshee" panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 will be on Friday, 7/19 at 7:15 PM in room 6A. "Banshee" is set to return in 2014 on Cinemax.

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