'Under the Dome' Tweet-Cap: Bombs Over Chester's Mill

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TV fans started comparing "Under the Dome" with "Lost" pretty much the moment the CBS show hit the airwaves. While both dramas revolve around a mysterious location, "Under the Dome" is already differentiating itself from "Lost" in one major way: by providing answers early on.
But are the answers coming fast enough to keep fans hooked? Here are all the surprising revelations and juicy tweets from this week's episode, "Blue on Blue."
"Blue on Blue" revolved around a kind of "Family Day" event for the folks of Chester's Mill, which allowed the people trapped under the dome to see their loved ones.
Deputy Linda tries to kiss her husband-to-be through the dome, to no avail. Meanwhile, Norrie meets a visitor who claims to be her dad.
It turns out that Family Day wasn't just a nice gesture; it was a distraction from the military's real plan: to use a MOAB (mother of all bombs) on the dome.
CBS news anchor Jeff Glor made a cameo appearance as himself. While plenty of fans recognized him, many of them wanted to see more famous newsmen on the scene at Chester's Mill. 
Meanwhile, Reverend Lester Coggins was acting crazy — well, crazier than usual. He reveals that his hearing aid is picking up words being "spoken" by the dome itself.

One mystery solved: His hearing aid was picking up military chatter about the impending bomb strike. When he threatened to reveal Big Jim's big drug secret, Big Jim shuts him up for good. RIP, Reverend Crazy Eyes.

Speaking of Big Jim, he had quite the story line with Angie this week. After discovering that Junior had trapped Angie, Big Jim refuses to let the girl go.
Once the town learns of the government's plan to bomb the dome, however, Big Jim has a change of heart. He lets Angie free, so she can die free.
Of course, because Angie fits the ultimate horror-movie-blonde stereotype, she immediately runs into Junior after she gets free. Junior apologizes for the way he's treated her, and she oddly forgives him.
Julia Shumway gets props this week for realizing that the military was going to bomb the dome, but if Julia were actually a good reporter, she would have been on to Junior's kidnapping scheme two episodes ago — and she would have known about her flaky husband before the series even began.
To the surprise of nobody, the MOAB doesn't break through the dome. The land outside the dome, however, doesn't fare so well.
On a lighter note, plenty of viewers took to Twitter to mock all the product placement in "Under the Dome." And given Microsoft's recent stock hit, it was only natural that TV fans would poke a little fun at the company's products being onscreen.

After the bombing of the dome this week, do you think that "Under the Dome" has jumped the shark? Is the show providing answers quickly enough to keep viewers interested? Sound off in the comments below!

"Under the Dome" airs Mondays at 10 PM on CBS.

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