'Teen Beach Movie' Stars Hang Loose With Fans at Disneyland [Exclusive Video]

Rachel Poletick
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'Teen Beach Movie' Stars Hang Loose With Fans at Disneyland [Exclusive Video]

While fans around the country go crazy for Disney Channel's newest original film, "Teen Beach Movie," some lucky boys and girls had the chance to see the movie's stars, Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell, in person in front of the Disney 365 Store at the Disneyland Resort.

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In "Teen Beach Movie," Ross and Maia play Brady and McKenzie, a pair of beachgoers who get swept away by waves and end up in a modern beach-themed retelling of "West Side Story." In this incredible world of singing and dancing and 1960s-style clothing, there's a battle taking place between bikers and surfers over control of the local hangout, Big Momma's. Brady and McKenzie get caught up in all the drama, as well as all the catchy songs and dance routines, but much bigger problems are bubbling under the surface.

This exclusive clip shows the "Teen Beach Movie" duo reunited in front of a group of excited fans, signing autographs and even showing some of the kids how to perform dance moves from the film. Together they share some special tidbits about the release of the "Teen Beach Movie" CD — including some special tutorials on how to do the dances from the movie at home!

"Teen Beach Movie" aired July 19 on Disney Channel, followed by a sing-along version a few nights later. If you missed it, you can catch the wave of song and dance again on Saturday, July 27, at 8 PM on Disney Channel.

The "Teen Beach Movie" soundtrack, which currently ranks at number 3 on the iTunes Top Albums chart, is available for purchase in stores and on iTunes now!

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