'Summer Camp' Exclusive Clip: Brooke Steals the Show With Bouncing Bosom

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'Summer Camp' Exclusive Clip: Brooke Steals the Show With Bouncing Bosom
'Summer Camp' Exclusive Clip: Brooke Steals the Show With Bouncing Bosom

"Summer Camp," USA Network's "Meatballs" meets "Big Brother" reality show, has already showcased sleep-away staples such as canoeing, the sweetheart dance, spin the bottle, aquatics, a pajama party, and a scavenger hunt. It was only a matter of time before producers asked the camp-etitors to take on the talent show as part of their battle of the sexes in the great outdoors for a quarter of a million dollars.

Several folks chose old standbys for their time to shine, like reciting poetry (Cameron the cowboy), rapping (Chris the class clown), and dancing (Moises the muscleman). Moises got the ladies out of their seats and screaming but failed to impress Broadway babe Kyle. He scoffed, "Moises's dances are pretty average. He appeals to women who don't really care about the dancing skill level."

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But as you can see in this exclusive clip from Monday's episode, some contestants more loosely and broadly defined talent. For instance, Melinda the geek combined her love of cosplay and her skills as a professional stuntwoman to perform a choreographed fight. Michelle the bayou bodybuilder threw another camper over her shoulder and proceeded to do three squats, which blew the mind of Brooke. "Michelle is crazy strong. I can't even imagine doing squats in high heels and tight jeans."

But it is Brooke whose performance is truly inventive and will leave you humming Kelis's "Milkshake" involuntarily. As the curtain opens, the formerly Mormon model announces, "I don't really have a talent [so] she's gonna lay down a beat and we're gonna follow," before proceeding to open her jumpsuit a little wider and jiggle her jugs while Michelle bangs the bongos. First, we love that she collectively refers to herself and her cleavage as "we," and the fact that a Hooters bartender is handling accompaniment just adds another meta layer to the brilliance of this bound-to-go-viral video.

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The men instantly fall in love with her leaping lady lumps. Chris gives her a standing ovation and calls out for an encore. Cameron comments, "Oh my God, that is not only entertainment but just beautiful." (Note to cowboy Cam: Considering how perky those things are, God probably can't take much credit for them.)

The official episode description mentions Melinda's lies, a show romance, a secret pact, potential backstabbing, and an off-roading color war, but we're guessing the true legacy of "Summer Camp" episode 106 will be Brooke's rhythm 'n' boobs routine.

"Summer Camp" airs Mondays after WWE "Raw" on USA.

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