'MasterChef' Exclusive Clip: Asian (Con)fusion

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Graham Elliot, Gordon Ramsay, and Joe Bastianich


Graham Elliot, Gordon Ramsay, and Joe Bastianich

On this week's episode of "MasterChef," the team challenge will determine which cheftestants can live up to the cooking competition's title by asking them to re-create four complicated dishes by a master of mod-Chinese cuisine, Wolfgang Puck.

The exclusive clip picks up after what we're assuming is a helicopter ride from the series' studio/kitchen in Marina del Rey to the landing pad atop the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Los Angeles. Judge Gordon Ramsay collects crass Krissi, who has been reduced to a trembling and unusually silent heap on the stairs, thanks to her fear of heights (it appears she skipped the flight), on his way to the kitchen at the pricey Puck restaurant in the smoggy sky, WP24. 

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He explains that the two teams of three will watch executive chef John Lechleidner prepare WP24's four top-selling menu items: two appetizers (steamed scallop-and-shrimp sui mai and crisp lettuce cups with tempura Maine lobster) and two entrées (Singapore-style chili prawns and stir-fry Wagyu beef with chili  garlic and sweet bean sauce). Krissi, per usual, immediately starts complaining to the camera about having to cook four-star Chinese food when she hates Asian food and has never cooked it.

While the other home cooks may be less outwardly negative about the test, which Ramsay, Graham Elliot, and Joe Bastianich will judge based on diner feedback and kitchen performance, they don't appear any less nervous. Notes are being scribbled. Bri is concerned about wok technique. Luca wipes his brow and exhales heavily multiple times. 

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"That man is a magician. I didn't even know you could cook that fast and [have it] look that good," admires James after Lechleidner explains that he has slowed down the process in order to teach the competitors, who are furiously scribbling notes on cooking times and the 37 ingredients in the stir-fry.

As the demo goes on and Lechleidner throws out warnings about easily overcooked shrimp, Bastianich's facial expression turns to one of evil glee — er, concern — that the newbies may be in over their heads this time.

Tune in to Fox on Wednesday at 8 PM to see which team masters the menu and who will be the next to lose his or her apron.

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