'Get Out Alive' GIF-cap: Maggots, Anyone?

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Between scaling a waterfall and chowing down on some seriously rank sources of protein, the contestants needed all the extra strength they could get on the July 29 episode of "Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls" called "The Mountains Will Give You Strength." Here are the most memorable moments from the episode, in case you missed it.

The first challenge this week saw the contestants scaling up the side of a waterfall. Their only handholds were pegs that were 150 years old! There was a moment when it seemed like Robin was losing her grip, but everyone made it to the top safely.

Next, the contestants climbed the same mountains that Edmund Hillary trained on before his historic Everest summit climb. Robin wasn't the last one up here, but her partner Wilson definitely struggled. With Jeff's help, Wilson made it to the top. That hashtag is just too funny, given the placement of Jeff's hands!

Austin and Jim won the survival challenge by creating a rope stretcher and transporting a log. As a reward, the two hit up the feast pit. Jim decided to shave off his beard. Jim without a beard is weird, after seeing him with a white beard for so many weeks.

As cool as the physical challenges are, the most interesting challenges revolve around Bear's survival foods. After making the contestants chug urine and live worms, the dish du jour in this episode was maggots! But believe it or not, there was worse food to come.

In addition to the maggots, the teams were given duck eggs. But these eggs had been fertilized, meaning they contained tiny unborn ducks (complete with little feathers!)

Donna and Canden were totally grossed out by the eggs and refused to eat them. Vegetarian Kyle manned up and ate them, even though he made this hilariously sad face before doing so.

Because they wussed out on the eggs and had been generally whiny all day, Bear sent Canden and Donna packing. Given how much Robin and Wilson struggled in this episode, it's likely they'll be getting the boot next week.

Did you catch Monday night's episode? Would you rather eat maggots or a duck fetus for survival? Tell us what you think about "Get Out Alive" in the comments section below!

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