'Defiance' Season Finale: Watch the First 4 Minutes [Exclusive Video]

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Grant Bowler as Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan and Stephanie Leonidas as Irisa in the "Defiance" epsiode, "Past is Prologue."

"Defiance" - "Past is Prologue"

Grant Bowler as Chief Lawkeeper Joshua Nolan and Stephanie Leonidas as Irisa in the "Defiance" epsiode, "Past is Prologue."

Previously on "Defiance," Datak (Tony Curran) and Stahma Tarr (Jaime Murray) forced Nolan (Grant Bowler) out of the city by creating a scandalous situation in which he killed an innocent Castithan. The Castithan appeared to have a gun pointed straight between the eyes of Mayor Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz), which he kind of did, but it was a paintball gun.

By supporting Nolan's decision to fire on the boy, Amanda looked like a fool, particularly after Datak played old audio recordings of Nolan claiming to hate the aliens back before he knew better. Although Amanda continued to support Nolan, he took himself out of the picture by asking the mayor to fire him and kick him out of town. That's the story, and he's sticking to it.

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To complicate matters, Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating) has been doing some secret studies on the Golden Knot device, which causes Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) to lose feeling in her legs. Yewll activated the Golden Knot just as Nolan and Irisa were about to leave town, so Nolan (ironically) carried her to the doc for treatment. Yewll just can't ever miss out on a little extra poking and prodding, causing Irisa to go a little nuts and trash the place before escaping out the back.

In this exclusive four-minute sneak peek at the Season 1 finale, "Everything Is Broken," Nolan and Tommy (Dewshane Williams) search for Irisa together. The last time they discussed Tommy's affection for Irisa, Nolan had concerns about whether Tommy was sincere. This time, Tommy confirms that Nolan's fears were unfounded as the young lawkeeper sheds tears over her disappearance.

Meanwhile, Alak Tarr (Jesse Rath) is now fully behind his father after previously believing that his dad had set up his friend to die at Nolan's hand. Hearing Nolan's hateful words has actually made Alak overly exuberant about getting Papa Tarr elected mayor, to the point where Datak worries that Alak's excessive radio campaigning and tacky slogan ("Pull the lever for the man in white; he'll treat us right") will turn voters' stomachs.

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Datak is much too nervous about the prospect of losing the mayoral race, so Stahma decides to take him to a private area for an afternoon delight before casting her vote. Datak says he's never done that before. So, as Castithan husband and wife, what part of that have they never done before? Finishing in about 30 seconds? Using lovemaking as a stress reliever? The position? It could be the act itself, for all we know. What is the Castithan version of sex, anyway?

When Datak takes his wife to cast her ballot, Kenya (Mia Kirshner) happens to be there. Perfect timing. Kenya had recently informed Stahma that she would be spilling the beans about her schtupping Datak's favorite prostitute. It was Stahma who began the process of pushing out Kenya's sis, Amanda, in the first place. Kenya whispers in the oft-paranoid Datak's ear, "I'd keep an eye on her if I were you," setting the wheels of doubt about Stahma in motion.

Watch the Season 1 conclusion of "Defiance," "Everything Is Broken," on Monday, 7/8 at 9 PM on Syfy.

The day after the finale "Defiance" fans have an opportunity to spend some Twitter time with Grant Bowler. We'll be bombarding him on @DefianceWorld with as many 140-character questions as we can! Tweet your questions about what's it like playing Nolan, the season finale, what's next for the show, and anything "Defiance"-related you're dying to know about to @YahooTV. The event happens Tuesday, 7/9 at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET.

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