New Parody Pokes Fun at Celebrity Commercials

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New Parody Pokes Fun at Celebrity Commercials
New Parody Pokes Fun at Celebrity Commercials

A new spoof on celebrity commercials is so funny, even the celebrity unknowingly featured in the parody can't help laughing.

Steven Rosenthal published a video to YouTube on April 27 titled "What Every Celebrity Commercial Sounds Like." The clip is now gaining popularity after receiving over 1,000 Reddit upvotes. In the video, a voiceover is dubbed onto a commercial for Monster Audio's DNA Headphones starring singer Jay Sean. As the artist looks out at skylines with his headphones on, a funny voice talks of "living my dream."

"Because when I dream, I dream of dreaming," the narrator says. "And dreams when you're dreaming allow me to dream dreamy dream dreams."

In the parody, the image of Monster Headphones in the original ad is replaced by the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese logo. The text alongside the image reads, "Exclusively in grocery stores."

Trending Now sent the spoof to Jay Sean's manager, Jeremy Skaller, who played it for the "Down" singer.

"(Jeremy) said, 'This is your dream and you're starring in it,'" Jay told us via telephone. "I'm a big fan of stupid, funny comedies and parodies. I was cracking up."

While Jay genuinely loves the headphones he endorses, he is also quick to point out the downfalls of how celebrities are portrayed in the media.

"The celebrity world is corny," he said. "It's glamorized. It's overhyped. I like poking fun at celebrity. I don't take fame or celebrity seriously at all."

Nor does the singer take himself too seriously. Jay, née Kamaljit Singh Jhooti, noted that you would see him laughing in the outtakes between "putting on the headphones and looking pensive."

"We're made out to be these superhuman beings," he continued. "Half the mansions are rented. Half the cars are leased for the day. This is what we sell to the kids."

That outlook only makes his latest starring role more enjoyable.

"I'm really happy that I'm in one of these videos," he said. "I wish I would have thought of it first."

The artist is back in the studio recording a new mixtape that he will release to fans for free, and he is also co-managing teen heartthrobs The Janoskians.

And for the record, Jay does not eat mac and cheese, so he will have to dream dreamy dream dreams about something else.

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