A Black Bear Is Scared Away by Two Bulldogs

Ralphie Aversa
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A Black Bear Is Scared Away by Two Bulldogs
A Black Bear Is Scared Away by Two Bulldogs

The idea of two dogs confronting a bear conjures up scenes from a Disney movie from the '90s. But that's what happened one day recently in a New Hampshire backyard.

YouTube user Cue Foils uploaded a clip to the site on May . The video shows a bear crawling in from the woods to inspect a bird feeder hanging from a tree. The black bear slowly moves over to the tree, stands up, and begins poking around to see what kind of food it contains.

But as soon as the bear touched foot, er paw, on the property, two dogs can be heard off camera barking. The canines belong to the homeowner, and they are not exactly thrilled to have a visitor. According to the video uploader, the dogs were contained on a porch overlooking the lawn.

Enraged over the trespasser, the two bulldogs broke through the railings and sprinted up to the bear. As the large animal tried to eat from the bird feeder, the dogs surrounded him.

All three animals froze for a second. With one dog in front of him and another behind him, the bear decided to run back into the woods. Each dog followed.

"One might say this bear is the world's most, mild-mannered Black Bear ever confronted," joked the video's publisher. From what we can tell, the dog that did not return in the video is OK.

"Brave Bold Bulldogs Meet a NH Black Bear" is quickly gaining YouTube views thanks to placement on Reddit's front page, where it has almost 3,000 upvotes.


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