Looking for one good man: Boston patient searches for her savior

Claudine Zap
The Upbeat

A patient has a message for the man who picked her up and carried her to safety: Thank you.

According to a report from the Boston Globe, one of 19 injured patients brought to Tufts Medical Center after the dual bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon was helped by a good Samaritan. She would like to relay her gratitude.

The patient, who suffered severe leg injuries, remembers her hero as “Sargent Tyler,” a former Marine, who may have been in uniform, and who, she recalls, had a scar on his left arm.

Hospital spokeswoman Brooke Tyson Hynes said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that “He told her, ‘You’re going to have a scar, but you’re going to be OK. It’ll be like my scar.’ ” She added, the unidentified patient “believes he did indeed save her life.”

Hynes said, “If there is a Sergeant Tyler out there, please call Tufts Medical Center Public Affairs, and she would very much like to thank him personally.”

She added, “That’s an important part of her recovery, as much as her medical recovery right now.”

In the face of these tragic events, stories of kind and courageous acts by ordinary folks have surfaced. This is one more.