Firefighter’s kitten rescue captured by helmet camera

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File photo of firetruck (Thinkstock)
File photo of firetruck (Thinkstock)

A Fresno firefighter searching a fire-damaged home came across a kitten clinging to life, reports

"I looked down and you can actually see the cat shining in the spotlight of my flashlight. And I looked back and that's when I saw the cat and grabbed him," said Cory Kalanick, the firefighter who found the kitten. reports that the kitten was not moving when Kalanick picked him up. Careful not to put the struggling cat on the hot pavement, Kalanick held it in his glove, poured water on its fur, and gave it an entire tank of oxygen. After around 15 minutes of massage, the catsince named Lucky came back to life.

The cat's amazing rescue and resurrection were captured on Kalanick's helmet camera.

In an interview with following the rescue, Kalanick said that he is sometimes teased by his fellow firefighters for being a vegan.

"They raz me or give me garbage for it. It's a pretty cool thing that we get to help a kitten out," Kalanick told the CBS affiliate. The cat was handed over to the SPCA, which tracked down Lucky's owners.

"I really hope that cat is being loved," Kalanick said.

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