Which of the remaining NHL/NBA Finals games will cost the most?

NBA, NHL fans aplenty.

Trying to catch a game late in a series is always a matter of gambling. You might see a classic, but the series might be over before you get a chance to use your ticket. So ... willing to take a chance?

Vivid Seats has broken down the most expensive potential games for both the Heat-Spurs and Rangers-Kings series. You'd think the most expensive ticket would be to a climactic Game 7, but you'd be wrong.

For games in the Stanley Cup Final guaranteed to be played, Game 4 in New York has the highest median ticket price of $2,139 apiece. The get-in-the-door, up-in-the-cheap-seats price? A mere $954.

For the games which could be played, it's Game 6, not Game 7, which has the highest median price: $2,917, with a get-in of $1,550. Game 7 in Los Angeles ranks less than all of the New York-based games, with a median price of $1,879 and a get-in price of $950. That's right, Game 7 is at the moment cheaper than Game 3, 4, or 6. Blame a hockey-mad and costly New York market. Cheapest ticket across the board is the Game 2 get-in price in Los Angeles of $437.

For the Spurs-Heat series, a similar dynamic exists. The most expensive guaranteed game is Game 2 in San Antonio, with a median price of $982 and a get-in price of $299. The most expensive potential game is Game 6 in Miami, with a median price of $1,000 and a get-in price of $269. The cheapest overall ticket is Game 3 in Miami, with a get-in price of $218.

Start skipping meals now, particularly if you're in New York.

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