Watch for deer, buzzer-beaters and Harlem Shakes in Yahoo! Sports’ Videos of the Week

We all love videos, right? Your pals here at Yahoo! Sports are rounding up the best videos of the week for your forwarding pleasure. Got a good one for next week? Hit us up via email and follow us on Twitter at @jaybusbee. And away we go ...

1. Best buzzer beater this week: The South Dakota playoffs are underway! Do you have tickets yet? Lincoln and Yankton were tied when Lincoln's Nermin Krdzalic stole the ball with seconds left and ...

2. Heartwarming moment of the week: Mitchell Marcus is a special needs teen at Coronado (Tex.) High School. In the season's final game, he finally got in, and tried to score. And tried, and tried. Finally, Jonathon Montanez, a player on the other team decided to help Mitchell out ... room's going to be a little dusty after you watch this one.

3. Buck up: During this mountain-biking race in Richmond, Virginia, a deer decides to get in on the action, with painful results.

4. Miguel Cabrera cleared for launch: Miguel Cabrera sent this Jonathan Papelbon pitch halfway to Texas, clearing the tiki bar in left field and still rising. That's not coming back ... and that probably hasn't landed yet, either.

5. Oh, Canada, can you see ... Hey, it's Spring Training for anthem singers too. Midway through butchering Canada's anthem, this singer bails out and goes straight into the "Star-Spangled Banner." The fans do not approve.

6. Fan wreck video: The wreck at Saturday's NASCAR race that sent debris showering into the stands was scary on TV. From the stands? Terrifying.

7. Ride the pony! This is how you celebrate a goal: by looking like a cross between a bronco buster and a Halloween witch. Well done, Juhani Tyrväinen.

8. MMA is a kick in the face: Vaughn Govia makes sure Miguel Saenz won't have any fight left in him in this Texas MMA bout.

9. LeBron practices better than most play: LeBron James offers up a throwdown dunk every warmup. He's considered stopping them, but let's hope he doesn't. These are amazing, and he'd have won this year's Slam-Dunk Contest with this one:

10. Harlem Championship Shake: Yeah, yeah, you've seen a thousand Harlem Shake videos and they're all pretty much the same. Here's the rule, though: if you win a championship, as Jimmie Johnson did with this year's Daytona 500, you can do whatever the heck you want.

And that'll do it for this week. Make sure you hit us up with your best video tips at and on Twitter at @jaybusbee. Keep those cameras rolling, friends.

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