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This video is like a fine wine. You can't just gulp it out of the bottle, you've got to let it breathe. Sure, it looks like a typical family ski vacation. But give it a few seconds. Then you get the guy in the background doing that flip-the-ski move that would tear your knee ligaments to pasta if you tried it. Then the guy tries to show off for the camera and, well ... magic. The ski flipper is apparently former World Cup skier Didier Cuche, who we presume would know how to flip a ski ... and how to fling it, if necessary.

Is it fake? Sure, it's possible. Easy enough to do, right? But so what? Are we so jaded, so weary that we can't enjoy the simple spectacle of a guy impaling a bus window with a ski? We know the Avengers and the Hobbit are fake, and we enjoy those, right? (Hunger Games, though: that's real and happening right now.)

Anyway, where were we? Oh right. If you have any translations for this bus driver's sad laments, hit us up at the email address below. And do not try this at your home ski slope; chances are it won't go so well for you.

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