UC Santa Barbara soccer player shoves ref, gets handcuffed and kicked off team

Jay Busbee
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When you lose, you never want to put the blame on yourself. That hurts, man. You have to figure a way to pawn that guilt and shame off on someone else, and sometimes you go a little too far in forcing someone else to take the fall for your failure.

Our scene: a soccer game between the Universities of California at Davis and Santa Barbara. UC Davis won the game 2-1 in overtime, and at least one member of the UC Santa Barbara team really didn't handle losing well. As you can see in the video above, via KEY3 News, several players and head coach Tim Vom Steeg surround one of the officials to express their displeasure. And then, from out of nowhere (well, the left side of the frame), boom! Peter McGlynn, a senior, shoves the ref to the ground. Early reports said that McGlynn punched out the referee; as with so much in soccer involving injuries, those accounts appear highly overstated.

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Even so, you don't go pushing refs without recriminations. Campus security handcuffed McGlynn and, as the saying goes, hauled him in for questioning. He was released without being charged, though according to local reports this case is not yet closed.

It's not an excuse, but McGlynn surely had frustration bubble over, both as a member of the team and on his own. UC Santa Barbara started the year ranked third in the country, but a recent nosedive has left them in danger of missing the NCAA tournament for the first time in a decade.

In the UC Davis game, McGlynn received a yellow card in overtime and a red card, and ejection, two minutes after that. Clearly, he didn't calm down very much.

UPDATE: The UCSB soccer team has cut McGlynn, and moreover, has disqualified itself from postseason play and disciplined Vom Steeg. The school released the following statement:

"Given the seriousness of the incident that occurred following the conclusion of UC Santa Barbara's men's soccer match on Sunday, the student-athlete involved has been removed from the team, director of Intercollegiate Athletics Mark W. Massari announced Monday. Massari also stated that, regardless of the outcome of Wednesday's game at Sacramento State or Saturday's game at Cal Poly, UCSB will forego any opportunity for postseason play this season. Finally, as head coach, Tim Vom Steeg has been suspended for the game at Sacramento. Assistant coach Greg Wilson will serve as acting head coach."

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