Tour de France cyclist confronts heckler along route; heckler backs down

It's been a rough week for hecklers at sporting events. (Aww, poor babies.) At the British Open on Sunday, Rory McIlroy got a mouthy gallery member booted with just three holes to go. And at the Tour de France, Thomas Voeckler of France decided he'd had quite enough of one sideline tough guy and actually stopped his bike to let him have it.

"Have you ever ridden a bike before?" Voeckler barked. The heckler, as hecklers generally do, backed down in a hurry, saying "sorry, sorry" over and over again. Satisfied, Voeckler went on his way.

Voeckler is currently 52nd in the Tour, one hour and 41 minutes behind the leaders. But we wouldn't make fun of him for that if we were you.

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