Totally Random Tournament: Cutest puppy breeds

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March is upon us, which means the Madness is about to kick into full swing. And what better way to get in the mood for tourney season than to fill out completely arbitrary brackets?

First up is the cutest breed of puppy, because … puppies.

We've finally got our inaugural puppy bracket winner. The Yellow Labrador ran away with the title, garnering 68 percent of the vote to finish with 1,561 votes to the Beagle's 743.

Our next Totally Random Tournament will post on Monday and it will be 'Best sports movies'. Thanks for voting!

 For those keeping score at home, the first round saw both blowouts and close matchups. Polling was as follows: Yellow Lab 438, Pomeranian 99; Husky 432, Great Dane 138; English Bulldog 329, French Bulldog 131; Pekingese 334, Dachshund 201; Beagle 398, Mastiff 272; Corgi 572, Weimaraner 485; Boston Terrier 230, Shar pei 226; Basset Hound 289, Chow Chow 287.

The second round went as follows: Corgi 3,296, Pekingese 1,113; Yellow Lab 2,666, Boston Terrier 838; Husky 2,150, English Bulldog 1,571;  Beagle 1,861, Basset Hound 1,648.

The third round went as follows: Yellow Lab 1,833, Husky 1,482; Beagle 1,942, Corgi 1,686.

Now, we surely missed out on some favorites when filling out our bracket, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, right? You can always upload your own puppy photos to Flickr and show us in the comments exactly how wrong we were for excluding your little fur ball.

The following images were courtesy of Flickr:
Mastiff via pkmousie
Pekingese via dragonflyn3
Chow Chow via stacylynn
Basset Hound via rachelrusinski
Dachshund via zaffi
Beagle via benadamson
Weimaraner via reneeviehmann
Husky via denverjeffrey
Pomeranian via theyoungthousands
Shar Pei via ryanahamilton
English Bulldog via vivarin
French Bulldog norrisc
Yellow Lab via joshmaz
Great Dane via jonhurd

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