Jaw-dropping shots, cute lil’ kids and Beyoncé dominate Yahoo! Sports’ videos of the week

Jay Busbee
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We all love videos, right? Your pals here at Yahoo! Sports are rounding up the best videos of the week for your forwarding pleasure. Got a good one for next week? Hit us up via email and follow us on Twitter at @jaybusbee. And away we go ...

1. Storm the floor, lads!: Kids, it's OK to want to run onto a basketball court ... except when the big boys are playing. Then it can get a little nerve-wracking. Besides, don't disrupt your own offense, little man; get up in an Oklahoma player's face:

2. 59 1/2: One of the most impressive achievements in golf is a score of 59 for 18 holes. Tiger Woods has never done it in a PGA Tour event. Nor did Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer. Phil Mickelson walked to the green at the Waste Management Open on Thursday with 58 strokes on the card. You're going to feel a little sick when you see what happened to his 59th.

3. Save of the year: Sure, we're only a few games into the hockey season, but it's going to be tough to top this astonishing save by the Dallas Stars' Kari Lehtonen. He popped the puck into the air, then grabbed it out of the air to prevent a Columbus Blue Jackets goal.

4. Off the wall, backspin, nothing but net: This is like that old Bird-Jordan commercial come to life. NC State's Scott Wood flings a ball off the wall with enough backspin to ... well, you'll see. And remember, kids: turn that phone horizontal for viral videos, please.

5. Russian sleight-of-hand: A coach's job is to teach his players, even if that means showing them how to execute a touch-pass assist in mid-game. Credit to this Russian coach for keeping the play going; too bad the refs actually caught on.

6. Who says the Pro Bowl is boring?: Most Pro Bowl games are about as lively as a nap on the beach. This one had a fine blend of excitement, but unfortunately it was the fans who provided it. See how many NFL jerseys you can count in this all-out brawl.

7. Hot-dogging is a thing of beauty when it works: Check out Justin Glover of Division II Winston-Salem State, pulling off a sweet in-game between-the-legs dunk against rival Elizabeth City State. This is the kind of thing that could get you sent to clean locker room toilets by your coach, kid ... good thing you pulled it off.

8. Fickle fandom: Check out how quickly this Tayshaun Prince fan abandons Prince's team. He was waiting for Prince, who was at the start of the day a Detroit Piston, to come running out of the tunnel. When Prince didn't show, the fan consulted a friend and found out Prince had been traded to Memphis. Boom, off goes the jersey. Thankfully he had something on underneath.

9. ESPN, Tebow no longer BFFs?: Several commentators at ESPN have a bit of a thing for Tim Tebow, wondering why if he can walk on water he can't yet run an NFL offense. Others, like Mark Schlereth, are a bit more measured in their praise. Indeed, some video of Schlereth and Hannah Storm talking when they thought they weren't live appears to indicate that Tebow may not have much of a future in the NFL at all. Uh-oh. (Here's a transcript if you can't tell what's going on.)

10. Beyoncé: Oh, hey, Beyoncé. You got a little something for us?

And that'll do it for this week. Make sure you hit us up with your best video tips at jay.busbee@yahoo.com and on Twitter at @jaybusbee. Keep those cameras rolling, friends.

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