Ray Rice’s parade fall, 70 mph skateboarder lead Yahoo! Sports’ Videos of the Week

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We all love videos, right? Your pals here at Yahoo! Sports are rounding up the best videos of the week for your forwarding pleasure. Got a good one for next week? Hit us up via email and follow us on Twitter at @jaybusbee. And away we go ...

1. Ray Rice's parade fail: Hey, you can forgive the Ravens for being a little giddy. They've just won the Super Bowl and all. But watch out for the edge of the parade float, Ray:

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2. Skateboarding at 70 mph: Look, it goes without saying that you shouldn't fly at 70 mph on a skateboard, but then again, maybe some people need to be reminded. Anyway, check out this boarder in South Africa, who skated so fast he set off motion alarms:

3. Trip, fall, shoot, win: Check this amazing shot from a Rochester, N.Y. boys' basketball game, as Daniel "Bay" Barley trips and falls, but still slings in a halfcourt shot. Was it traveling? Who cares? Game over!

4. Pizza devouring: "Hey, mind if I bring someone to your Super Bowl party? No? Cool. His name is Takeru Kobayashi. Say, how much pizza did you say you ordered ... ?"

5. Make a shot, school's out: Not sure this is sending the best message to the youth of America, but whatever: a first grader at Mater Dei (Md.) elementary had a chance to hit a foul shot to give the entire school Super Bowl Monday off. Did he do it? What do you think?

6. Usain Bolt is awful at basketball: Look, Usain Bolt is so fast he could run up and down a basketball court before we could take a step. But it's not just about running; it's what to do once you've got the ball in your hands. Behold how ridiculously awful the world's greatest athlete is at hoops:

7. Alley-oop perfection: We don't often need to feature in-game highlights from people you know, mainly because the weird stuff generally happens on the margins of sports. But check out this flawless tip-heave-oop pass from Dwayne Wade to LeBron James. Those guys are pretty good at basketball:

8. Trick shot baby: Who doesn't love trick-shot basketball babies? Thirty years from now, this will introduce this lad's every appearance for the Beijing Sonics:

9. LEGO Flacco: The Joe Flacco-to-Jacoby-Jones touchdown was one of the best in Super Bowl history. Here it is, lovingly rendered in Lego Form:

10. Ping Pong pandemonium: If you're able to hit a ping-pong ball at 900 mph, this is what it's going to do to your opponent's paddle. Watch the whole video for the scientific explanation, or fast-forward to 5:45 for the good stuff:

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