Queen Elizabeth royally photobombs field hockey player

Queen photobomb! (Via @_JaydeTaylor)
Queen photobomb! (Via @_JaydeTaylor)

Jayde Taylor is a member of the Australian field hockey team that's traveled to England to participate in the latest Commonwealth Games. She took plenty of photos, as the young folk do these days, and hey presto, look who showed up in the background of one:

Yep, that's Queen Elizabeth her royal self, photobombing the unwitting hockey players. Her Majesty was in attendance as Australia defeated Malaysia 4-0.

So the queen's a photobomber! Not bad. Between this and her visit to the Iron Throne, she's a queen for a postmodern age.

Now she just needs to record her version of "Let It Go" and get caught twerking on someone's shaky cellphone video and her journey will be complete.

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