Professional darts player suspended four matches for bad behavior

In every sport, there's a bad boy, and in darts, that fella's name is James Wade. The fifth-ranked dart-slinger on earth, Wade has been suspended for the next four Professional Darts Corporation tournaments.

Why? Seems Wade has a bit of an attitude, and the Darts Regulation Authority is dropping the hammer. "As a result of a series of referrals to the Darts Regulation Authority relating to the behavior of James Wade at PDC Tour events," the DRA said in a statement, "James Wade was found to be in breach of rule 4.1 of the DRA rules: 'No player or member shall act in a manner which may reasonably be considered to injure or discredit the DRA or bring the game of darts into disrepute.'"

Here's Wade in 2012, in a spat with Adrian Lewis over a creaky floorboard during a match:

The DRA stressed that Wade's suspension was not a result of any kind of corruption, but due to his behavior. Still, the DRA's refusal to offer any more information has upset some in the darting community, like fellow pro John Lowe:

Wade, whose nickname is "The Machine," is a two-time PDC Player of the Year and is still the youngest player ever to win a major PDC title.

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