Youth football player flat-out runs over a defender; your thoughts? [UPDATED]

Jay Busbee
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First step in this little thought exercise ... watch this video of a monster youth (?) football player running over a hapless defender:

Now, be honest. Your first thought was probably something like, "OHHHHHH BRUTAL HIT, BRO! HE GOT KNOCKED THE [insert appropriate word here] OUT!" But let's not let this one go just yet.

First off, we have no idea where this video came from (hat tip: The Big Lead and Jimmy Traina), so if you know, drop us an email and we'll update accordingly. [See below for update.] Apparently, what we've got is a league based on age, not size, and at least one kid has hit his growth spurt a little sooner than some others.

Credit to the coach for recognizing this immovable force, this mini-Fridge, then. Shoot, run that kid every play for a guaranteed 15 yards per carry. (Opposing coach: teach your kids to hit lower!) And yes, if we saw a hit like that in the pros or college, we'd be replaying it endlessly.

But this isn't the pros or college, these are kids, and like it or not, that brings up a whole new slew of questions. The concerns about concussions in youth football are now omnipresent, and videos like this are the reason why. If you're a full-grown adult, imagine an 8-foot, 500-pound monster roaring right at you; that's what the kid who got planted was facing, and, yeah, he did about as well on the tackle as the rest of us would.

Now, you could certainly say that concerns about the fairness of this are all part of the grand sissifying of America and kids these days are all coddled with their video games and their McDonald's and blah blah Obama's fault blah. And maybe there's some truth to that. But if it was your kid out there, would you want him standing in front of a behemoth the relative size of an automobile standing on its bumper? Or is that a good life lesson, that sometimes you're the truck, and sometimes you're the speed bump? You can make arguments both ways, and we trust you people will do just that.

So you're up. Have your say in the comments below.

[UPDATE: All right, so it turns out this video is actually three years old, and features the Pennsylvania teams of Shamokin and Pottsville. Video via My Shamokin Indians. All other elements of the post above still apply. And Barstool Sports was the first one to post it this time around.]

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