Navy swim/dive team’s Iwo Jima tribute was even more impressive than it looks

All right, this is impressive: Navy's swimming and diving seniors posed for a group photo above, honoring and calling to mind the Marines in the Battle of Iwo Jima.

"We knew we wanted to do something different, something to stand out," said senior Conor Campbell of Manassas, Va. "One idea led to another, and we ended up doing the flag-raising at Mount Suribachi underwater."

For reference, here's the Iwo Jima Memorial, sculpted in the same pose:

It's a fine idea to begin, but consider this: the swimmers' photo is at the bottom of Navy's diving well, 17 feet down. None of the team's 11 seniors is wearing a weight belt; the only items weighed down are the mesh bags holding the flag.

"It took three separate attempts," said Campbell, who's the "very pale" guy holding the bottom of the flagpole. "We broke two underwater cameras, and then the third one worked. We took three pictures, and the third one was the one that worked."

There's precedent for this kind of naval tomfoolery. The seniors of 2004-05 offered up this beauty, honoring Washington crossing the Delaware:

Yep, game, set and match to the current class.

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