Miley Cyrus doubles down on the crazy/sexy look with jerseys from Michael Jordan, others

Oh, Miley Cyrus. That apple-cheeked little starlet of Hannah Montana is gone forever, replaced by ... well, someone who knows equally well how to command the spotlight, clearly. In the wake of Sunday night's career-defining (for better or worse) performance at the Video Music Awards, Cyrus is doubling down on the look-at-me pics, posting the photos above and below on her Twitter feed.

The one above is obviously one Michael Jordan; the one below features her amid a range of jerseys. We can spot a Falcons logo, and maybe some old Bulls warmups. Also Miley.

Oh, and if there's any doubt about what the purpose of this latest craziness is, Cyrus put it to bed after the VMAs:

There you go. We're all to blame.

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