Lance Armstrong no longer Tour de France winner, according to @LanceArmstrong

Jay Busbee
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It's not an admission of guilt, exactly, but it'll do until one comes along: Lance Armstrong has removed his Tour de France and triathlon honors from his Twitter bio.

On Monday morning, the UCI, the international cycling governing body, formally stripped Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles. This followed the USADA's damning report that documented Armstrong's role in an international doping conspiracy, and the subsequent departure of Armstrong's sponsors en masse. Armstrong has remained silent throughout these most recent developments.

Until now. As of late Monday night, Armstrong's Twitter bio read:

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Now, it reads:

Slightly different.

Armstrong doesn't have an easy route out of this; admitting to any of the accusations would open up whole new problems for him. But for now, he has apparently conceded that his greatest professional honors are not his any longer.

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