Lance Armstrong draws the most awkward card possible in 'Cards Against Humanity'

Well, uh ... this is awkward.

You know "Cards Against Humanity," right? It's a card game where you pair up a provocative question with a filthy/tasteless/offensive answer. As you can imagine, it can be hysterical, but it's definitely not for the kiddies.

Lance Armstrong, former Tour de France champion and current disgraced cyclist, was apparently playing the game when he came across a rather painfully familiar reference. He tweeted out the card above, featuring an answer of "Lance Armstrong's missing testicle." (No word on what the question was.)

Armstrong was diagnosed in 1996 with testicular cancer that necessitated, yes, the removal of one testicle. However, following both surgery and chemotherapy, Armstrong fought to reach a cancer-free diagnosis, a notable achievement that's been overwhelmed in more recent years with Armstrong's confessions of doping throughout his cycling career.

Armstrong still faces possible fallout, both legal and otherwise, for his confessions. But at least he's taking a moment every now and then to play a game. That's good news for him, right ... ?

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